Police investigate 32 weekend tire slashing incidents in Gastonia

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Over the past weekend, Gastonia Police officers took 32 separate reports for tire slashing incidents within the city limits.

The incidents happened near the intersection of Robinwood Road and Hudson Blvd., according to Gastonia Police Chief Robert Helton. Residents living in The Village of Ballantyne apartment homes told WBTV their tires were slashed in the middle of the night.

"When I came outside and seen about 15 to 20 other cars leaned over, I started to realize somebody came out here and sliced the tires," said resident Rhaheim Ledbetter.

He said his brother's truck had one flat tire.

"You gotta wake up in the morning and see your tire flat, you put a whole lot of people in a bind, man," said Ledbetter.

He said several cars along his block had flat tires, and many people took their vehicles to NTB Tire and Service Center nearby.

Brendon Surber, the service manager at the store, told WBTV that he got several similar calls from people whose tires had been cut.

"It was all the same all the way through. It was a knife about one inch wide stabbed right through the side of it," explained Surber.

He said he gave the slashing victims a discount because so many of them were dealing with the same issue.

"There's enough negativity in the world you know so anything to just help people out," said Surber. "You never know what somebody's going through so they can always use the help."

No suspects have been identified in the case.

Helton asks that anyone with information about the incidents contact Crime Stoppers at 704-861-8000 or the Gastonia Police Department at 704-866-6702.

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