Dale Earnhardt Jr. really isn’t happy with his Uber rating

Dale Earnhardt Jr. really isn’t happy with his Uber rating

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Lavendrick Smith/Charlotte Observer) - Dale Earnhardt Jr., despite being a world-class driver, apparently isn't the best Uber passenger.

The NASCAR driver and Kannapolis native took to Twitter over the weekend to discuss his dissatisfaction with his Uber passenger rating.

"I'm a 4.0 Uber rating? That's complete s---," he tweeted on Friday night.

The tweet appeared to spark a mission for Earnhardt to improve his rating for the popular ride-sharing app, which allows both passengers and drivers to rate each other on a five-star system.

On Saturday, after what appeared to be his second Uber ride of the weekend, Earnhardt said his rating climbed to a 4.17. This was followed by another ride that increased his score to 4.29.

Earnhardt's rating took a quick nose dive to 3.88 after another ride, before an another trip brought him up to a 4.44.

"This is exhausting," he joked.

The company noticed on Monday and gave Earnhardt some tips: "1. Don't ask to swap seats with the driver 2. Less pit stops 3. Use the doors—no exiting through the window." The tips were quickly embraced by Earnhardt.

So if your rating is down, be on the lookout for the "Dale's Do's and Don't's" guide on how to become a great Uber passenger.