Fatal shooting of 7-year-old still unsolved nearly two years later, police are frustrated

(Source: Family)
(Source: Family)
(Source: Family)
(Source: Family)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Kevin Rodas went to a birthday party on Fieldvale Place in southwest Charlotte on September 5, 2015. It was Labor Day weekend and kids were having fun, playing in the yard and grabbing candy from a pinata.

Police say someone outside of the party fired several shots into the yard. Kevin, who was 7-years-old, was hit and killed.

According to family members, about 40 shots were fired. Police and relatives said four people were hit, three not seriously. No one could get to Kevin in time. He was shot in the head.

His family is about to mark the two-year anniversary of his death but they still don't know who killed him.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say investigators have been trying to crack the case.

"The hours that they've invested in this case. The multitude of people they've interviewed. The evidence they've gone through and reviewed. The information that they continue to gather," Rob Tufano said, who is a CMPD spokesperson. "Canvas, re-canvas, re re-canvas those areas out there and to still not have somebody in handcuffs is more than frustrating for not only the family but quite honestly for a lot of the members of this organization."

Police say the key to solving this case is the community. Officers say someone needs to speak up.

"We know somebody out there in the community knows something," Tufano said. "Gotta think somebody somewhere along the line is going get a heart. They're going to speak up."

Kevin was one of five victims killed over Labor Day weekend in Charlotte in 2015.


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