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Charlotte launches new ridesharing program in uptown and Southend

(Sharon Smith | WBTV) (Sharon Smith | WBTV)
(Sharon Smith | WBTV) (Sharon Smith | WBTV)

Drivers may start noticing more new cars with bright green “Z” logos around town as Zipcar launches its ride sharing program and app in the city.

Tuesday morning, city leaders joined the general manager of Zipcar in a ribbon cutting ceremony to announce the pilot program.

Zipcar allows members to reserve a car for an hour or a few days as needed. Gas and insurance are included. Six Zipcars will be available in on-street parking spaces in Uptown and Southend, and six more cars will be available at residential complexes.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts said the program gives drivers another option and is part of a smart transit plan to reduce traffic.

“I like the convenience,” said UNC-Charlotte student Jaylen Smallwood, who reserved a car for the afternoon to run errands. “You’re able to control where you go.”

Smallwood said he has used the app for about three years as a student. He uses Zipcar about once or twice or month. Members receive a special card to unlock the car. Keys are left inside.

Zipcar General Manager Vilaire Lazard said the cars are easy to track and if members fail to follow the rules, they will no longer be allowed to use the ride sharing app.

Zipcar operates in more than 500 cities around the world. Its popularity has grown on college campuses across the Carolinas.

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