Father's concern for daughter turns into mission of mercy

The neighborhood where Cadence lives near Houston (Reese Helms)
The neighborhood where Cadence lives near Houston (Reese Helms)

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Reese Helms was very concerned when he heard about the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey near Houston.

Helms, a former officer with the China Grove Police Department, has an 11-year-old daughter named Cadence who lives with her mother in one of the flooded neighborhoods.

"The surge from the storm came, the rainwater came very quickly and they were flooded," Helms said. "They stayed overnight in a shelter and have now taken up residence with a friend."

While Cadence and her mother are safe, they, like so many other residents, have suffered extensive property damage.

"My wife said let's just do it, let's go see Cadence and then it was if we're going to go, let's take some stuff for the other people that are down there when we go," Helms added.

Helms determined that he wanted to do something to help, so this Saturday as soon as he finishes his shift at N'Tune Car Stereo, he and his wife will pile into his big Ford pick-up and pull a 24-foot trailer filled with relief supplies and head to Texas.

"As a parent that hits home," Helms said. "It really, really struck me, then I started looking into this and I wanted to go down there and just hold my kid. Then it turned into 'well, if we're going to go, we might as well take some other down there for people when we go.'"

N'Tune told Helms that he could use the enclosed trailer that they normally use for car shows.

Helms is already receiving donations at the N'Tune store at 1913 South Main Street in Salisbury, and in Lexington at 1912 Cotton Grove Road.

Helms has also added a page for donations: https://www.gofundme.com/nc-to-tx-harvey-help

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