First day of school brings different priorities for schools in two counties

First day of school brings different priorities for schools in two counties

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Two counties to the north of Charlotte are dealing with two very different issues as the new school year gets underway.  For one it's about how to handle rapid growth, and for the other, finding a way to inspire teachers.

"This is the best day of the year, kids are excited, parents are excited and we're excited to have them back," said Dr. Chris Lowder of the Cabarrus County Schools.

Dr. Lowder was the first passenger on a Cabarrus County school bus today, riding the route and checking on several things, including a new middle school brought about by the county's explosive growth.

"We expect about 33,000 kids coming this year which is a growth of about 1000 students and we're excited and want to make sure they know we're glad to see them and welcome them back," Lowder added.

The Cabarrus system is projected to add 500-1000 new students each year for the next ten years.

At Landis Elementary School in the Rowan-Salisbury School system, it is all about the students.

Fourth grader Sadie Siscoe had a great summer, but was ready to start the new year today.

"I was excited to come to school this morning," Said said. "My little sister Camille was very excited to come to school because she got a new book bag, new shoes, new everything just like me."

And Sadie is excited about a new teacher, and that fits right in with the hope Superintendent Dr. Lynn Moody has for the new year.

"In an era of a lot of negativity in our country, they come with warmth and kindness and find ways to bring out the best in our students," Dr, Moody told WBTV.

From an elementary school in Rowan County to a high school in Cabarrus County, to the millions of first day posts on Facebook today, it's obvious that the new school year is a landmark event.

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