Why was the would-be robber of a sweepstakes arcade killed by security not in prison?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Julian Harris' life ended when he allegedly tried to rob a sweepstakes parlor Wednesday morning.

Court watchers are asking why was Harris - who was already convicted for a 2008 case of robbery with a dangerous weapon, burglary, and kidnapping - out of prison?

"That's my first question," said Marcus Philemon of CharMeck Court Watch. "The reason I ask that is ultimately Mr. Harris got shot and killed by the security guard. However, had the circumstance been any different and Mr. Harris shot and killed anyone, then I believe people would be up in arms wondering why he was out when he supposed to be serving a sentence until 2022."

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Online records for N.C. Dept of Public Safety state Harris was sentenced in 2010. His projected release date was 2022.

State officials told WBTV that in 2014 they received a court order to release Harris from state prison and turn him over to federal officials to serve a federal sentence.

According to court records, while Harris was sitting in the Mecklenburg County jail in 2009, he was also indicted by federal prosecutors for gun possession.

Court papers show in June 2010 Harris entered a guilty plea to the federal crimes. In July 2010, he agreed to plead guilty to the Mecklenburg County case.

According to the plea agreement, Harris would serve a minimum of 137 months and a maximum of 183 months in state prison. The state sentence would run concurrent with his federal sentence of 120 months maximum.

But the federal government said Harris couldn't serve both sentences at the same. He would have to do state time first and then ten years in a federal prison.

Since Harris didn't get a benefit from the plea deal to which he agreed, a judge in 2014 threw out the deal with Mecklenburg County and Harris went to serve his federal sentence of ten years.

The Bureau of Prisons says Harris was released in April of 2017.

How much time did Harris serve in federal prison? Why was he released before ten years?

Prison officials in Virginia referred WBTV's questions to the U.S. Probation Office in Charlotte. Prison officials say Harris was supposed to be on Supervised Release for three years.

Federal probation officials have not returned our call.

The District Attorney's office says after the judge vacated the plea deal with Mecklenburg County, the state's case against Harris returned to a status of pending.

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