Local agencies and companies gear up for Hurricane Harvey relief

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Hurricane Harvey may be pretty far away from the Carolinas, but the impact of the storm is already being felt here.

Relief agencies like the Salvation Army, American Red Cross, and North Carolina Baptist Disaster Relief, to name just a few, are already checking supplies and making plans to head to the Gulf Coast if needed.

In Salisbury, Captain Bob Carr of the Salvation Army has already been in touch with his national headquarters about the possibility of sending local volunteers.

"And we're praying for the people there that it doesn't become a terrible disaster," Carr said.

If called on, Salvation Army volunteers can do just about anything that is needed, from preparing mass quantities of food to construction work.

AdvantaClean, headquartered in Huntersville, is working to send both machines and manpower to help Texas residents that are in the storm's path. AdvantaClean specializes in flood clean up and mold repair.

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