Iredell Co. mom calls for better maintenance at children's cemetery

(Photo courtesy Megan Blankenship)
(Photo courtesy Megan Blankenship)
(Photo courtesy Megan Blankenship)
(Photo courtesy Megan Blankenship)

IREDELL COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - For many, visiting a loved one's grave is difficult enough. But, add overgrown grass and caked-on mud, and Statesville mom Megan Blankenship says it is even harder.

Blankenship's twins died just one day after they were born in 2003. She buried them in Iredell Memorial Gardens in Statesville, which has a specific area dedicated to babies.

"We thought it was going to be a pristine memorial area," she says. "But it's not been."

Blankenship says while the front of the grounds may look clean, that is not the case when she drives over the hill.

"The grass gets higher, and a lot of the graves are covered with thick red mud," she explained.

Looking back, Blankenship says the problems are not new.

"The past couple years have been the worst."

She is not the only one making the complaint. Several others have taken to Facebook to post reviews on the cemetery's page, claiming the same things and citing graves "covered in mud" with "trash and missing flower vases."

"I feel like they just cheated us for the money," Blankenship said.

She says she called the cemetery about ten times just last year. This year, she has tried emailing as well. Though she is still frustrated, she says she will keep trying to create a peaceful resting place for her twins, and for others.

"I feel like I need to be an advocate, not only for my children who are buried there but an advocate for the community as well," she said.

WBTV contacted Iredell Memorial Gardens by phone Wednesday and they declined to comment.

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