Discovery Place hosts eclipse viewing party in uptown Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - While Charlotte didn't get the full eclipse, thousands of people across the Queen City paused to watch the 98 percent partial eclipse.

Many of those headed uptown to the roof-top level at Discovery Place. There the glasses to view the eclipse, which were sold out in many places, could still be found - even if it was a dwindling supply.

Uptown worker Sarang Mahagan found himself among those fortunate enough to get a pair.

"I was lucky enough to get a couple of sun glasses to see the solar eclipse," Mahagan said.

The viewing at Discovery Place brought one of the biggest gatherings in Center City. As the sky changed, imagination met interpretation.

"It's just dark with a just a little shape of the yellow," Maureen Sanders said, describing the event.

This festive environment brought dozens of onlookers from a wide range of demographics.

Discovery Place's Doug Coler feels in many ways what happened Monday was a celebration of science.

"Little kids, their parents, their parents," Coler said. "All of them gathering to watch this phenomenal event. It was extraordinary."

What unfolded in many ways became memorable moments in the eyes of countless beholders.

Tucker Leighton described the day in two simple words.

"It's fantastic."

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