Extreme weather kicking off high school football season

Extreme weather kicking off high school football season

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If it's August and it's North Carolina - it's hot and humid. But August in North Carolina also means the start of high school football.

"Putting a helmet on in 95 degrees heat is bad enough, then to sit there and run full speed while someone is trying to collide with you at 100 mph and do that for two and a half hours - it takes a special breed of young men to do that," said Coach Michael Brodowicz of Charlotte Catholic High School.

Charlotte Catholic is taking on Charlotte Christian High School. This week's extreme weather has the coaches making some adjustments.

"Christian called me. They're going to warm up in their gymnasium. We're going to warm up inside as much as you can to again minimize the weight loss on kids, the water loss," Coach Brodowicz said.

Coaches and trainers said players were told to drink lots of water and Gatorade all week.

Donna Cure, the Head Athletic Trainer at Charlotte Catholic, said trainers will keep a closer eye on the team.

"Players - make sure they get enough water. Make sure they're not stumbling around disoriented, feeling sluggish, feeling nauseous," Cure said. "We're with them all the time."

League rules say medics must be at all games.

Mecklenburg EMS Agency said six additional ambulances were put on the schedule to cover the games.

"Primarily because if the football players get injured or have any kind of heat related injuries,"  John Stroup said. "There's also people attending the games. We're there in case we're needed on that front as well."

Stroup said in most cases, heat-related injuries would be treated on scene.

"If it's a simple dehydration we have ivy fluids that we can administer on scene. We also have ice packs."

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