WBTV Security Expert: Area targeted in Barcelona isn't a surprise

WBTV Security Expert: Area targeted in Barcelona isn't a surprise

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Security Expert Karl de la Guerra told WBTV the area that was targeted by terrorists in Barcelona, Spain, doesn't come as a surprise when he stopped into WBTV Studios to talk about the developing story Thursday.

De la Guerra said "that particular area of town is meant to be tourist friendly" and that boulevard is known to be a high trafficked area.

In a sit-down interview in the WBTV newsroom, de la Guerra said "this specific area being targeted in Barcelona doesn't really come as a surprise for the simple fact that it is truly the epicenter of tourist activity there in Barcelona."

A van jumped a curb and ran over many people in Las Ramblas, a promenade and a large tourist attraction in Barcelona. ISIS claimed responsibility for the terror attack on its news agency's Amaq.

CNN reported that two suspects have been taken into custody following the attack.

The casualty numbers have steadily grown as more news became available. The most recent reports said said 13 people were killed and another 100 injured. Catalonia's regional interior chief Joaquim Forn told the AP, "Unfortunately the number of fatalities will likely rise."

"It is an area that would draw a great deal of attention because of how it's particularly positioned," said de la Guerra.

For the very latest updates, De la Guerra will be joining Maureen O'Boyle on Primetime tonight on WBTV at 7 p.m.

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