Charlotte councilwoman drops daughter off at UVA during Wednesday's peaceful protests

Charlotte councilwoman drops daughter off at UVA during Wednesday's peaceful protests
(Julie Eiselt)
(Julie Eiselt)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Charlotte city councilwoman dropped off her daughter at the University of Virginia during the peaceful protests in Charlottesville Wednesday night.

According to Julie Eiselt, she was dropping off her daughter, Kate, at UVA while a candlelight vigil was being held. Wednesday's vigil came days after a car ran into protesters during the "Unite the Right" rally on Saturday.

Eiselt tweeted that her and her daughter were heading to the university around 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

Eiselt did not have any concerns dropping off her daughter after what happened on Saturday.

"I have every confidence that the police and the local authorities and the local leadership, you know they might have been taken by surprise when it first happened, but they won't let that happen again," Eiselt said.

As a parent, Eiselt said she has a had a conversation with her daughter about the Charlottesville incident.

"We've certainly talked with her about it. But this is a small faction of extremists, who came here to stir up trouble, and, let it be known that that wouldn't be acceptable here," Eiselt said.

Alumni from all over the country are expected to come to the school to welcome the students and make them feel safe, according to Eiselt.

"The alumni really sort of pow-wowed and said "we're gonna be there" and so they've come in from different places and wanted to be here to welcome the students and let them know that you know that they got this under control," Eiselt said.

"This isn't about me, it's about something much bigger," Eiselt's daughter told her.

Eiselt said her daughter was arriving to the university early because she is a athlete. The rest of the students are expected to arrive Friday, according to Eiselt.

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