Harrisburg woman believes coyote attacked her cat, wants to warn other pet owners

Harrisburg woman believes coyote attacked her cat, wants to warn other pet owners

CABARRUS COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A Harrisburg woman thinks her cat could have possibly been killed by a coyote Saturday.

Courtney Howie said she and her husband heard loud noises coming from outside of their home on Stallings Road Saturday night. Howie said the noises were coming from their cat, Bucket.

Howie showed WBTV the spot where her husband saw the incident take place.

"He came right over here and found our cat in the jaws of what looked like a dog or coyote," Howie said.

She said her husband then charged at the animal and scared it off. Howie said the wild animal d ropped Bucket before it took off into the woods.

"We picked him up and he was barely conscious. He wasn't doing okay," Howie said.

She said Bucket seemed rattled but his injuries were not life-threatening. Howie said Bucket was injured on his paw and on his neck. Howie believes the animal that attacked her cat was a coyote.

"We've seen coyotes. We both have lived here our entire life pretty much and we've seen coyotes and heard them so we're pretty sure it was," Howie said.

Jessie Birckhead, an extension biologist from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, said that coyotes are common in the Charlotte-area and do quite well living near humans.

"Coyotes don't pose a threat to humans, however for folks concerned about pet safety our best recommendation is to supervise pets when they are outside," Birckhead said.

Howie shared her story on Facebook to warn other pet owners about the attack.

"I just want them to be on the lookout for their own pets. Don't leave your pets out at night," Howie said.

Howie says Bucket hasn't been wandering far from her house since the incident occurred. She said she plans to take him to a veterinarian to get checked out soon.

"I think he's learned his lesson. He's not the biggest baddest thing out here," said Howie.

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