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#TeamNOSugar success story: Charlotte-area couple loses 75 pounds

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If anyone knows how challenging #TeamNOSugar is in the beginning, it’s Shawn Horton. The West Jefferson man has lost weight before, but has never been able to keep it off long term.

Horton watched my journey for years and finally decided to get on board earlier this year in hopes that he could really make a lasting lifestyle change and give up being a yo-yo dieter. When I asked Shawn why he joined #TeamNOSugar, he kept it real.

“I realized I had a lot of clothes at home I couldn’t fit into and it’s easier to lose the weight than to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe," Horton said. 

But he didn’t start his journey alone. Horton's fiancée, Amanda, offered to do it with him. “We’ve both been heavier, then smaller then heavier,” she said.

They've encouraged each other, kept one another accountable and have lost a combined weight of 75 pounds. 

Horton is a faithful follower and sends me regular updates via Twitter. When I learned he lost 40lbs – I asked him to come on WBTV’s newscast to share his story.

You see, I’ve profiled a lot of my warriors (that’s what I call everyone on #TeamNoSugar) over the years, but they’ve all been women. I  was thrilled at the chance to share a man’s perspective.

In an email, Horton expressed his hesitation by saying “you should really interview my fiancée. I couldn’t have done this without her.” After a fair amount of cajoling, and the promise to include her in our interview, Horton agreed and made the trip down to Charlotte Wednesday afternoon with his fiancée and one of their sons. 

If you want too learn more about #TeamNOSugar, watch this video.

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