What is the mysterious ‘tough’ medical issue facing wrestler Ric Flair?

What is the mysterious ‘tough’ medical issue facing wrestler Ric Flair?
(Todd Sumlin | Charlotte Observer)
(Todd Sumlin | Charlotte Observer)

CHARLOTTE, NC (Mark Price/The Charlotte Observer) - Professional wrestling icon Ric Flair had surgery Tuesday afternoon and it was a success, says his manager. But fans are still left in the dark about the "tough medical issues" facing the 68-year-old.

Whatever the cause, it was and is serious enough that his family is still asking for prayers.

Media outlets widely reported Monday that the issue was heart related, but Flair management rep Melinda Morris Zanoni said Monday evening that is not the case.

What she won't say is what exactly sent Flair to a Georgia hospital early Saturday, and why his prognosis went from routine monitoring to emergency surgery in the span of 24 hours. In between, Zanoni tweeted that Flair needed prayers. She posted the same plea on Facebook.

TMZ and ESPN reported Monday that Flair's health problem was serious enough to prompt doctors to put him in a medically induced coma in preparation for the surgery.

Once it was done, Zanoni sounded just as wary, tweeting: "Still a long road ahead, so plz keep prayers 4Ric."

Flair's management team made clear Saturday on Facebook that the cause of Flair's hospital stay would not be made public: "No, we cannot answer any personal questions."

That has left fans to speculate and to worry about the seriousness of Flair's health crisis. That speculation only grew Tuesday, with news of the surgery.

"What's going on with ric flair?" posted Cody Mann of Indiana on Twitter.

"Two days ago, you said it was nothing to worry about. Can't you give all his fans more," tweeted one Alabama fan to Flair's management.

"What was the operation about?" posted Alejandro Bravo of Venezuela on the Facebook page.

A tumor? A blood clot? Spinal surgery? Every guess seemed fair game in the absence of information from Flair's management. There was even an internet rumor late Monday that Flair was in critical condition, which was retweeted by Dale Earnhardt Jr.

"I know we can't always have all the info just out of respect for his privacy, but us fans would greatly appreciate updates," Mike Gilreath posted.