North Charlotte road to remain closed due to washout

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A north Charlotte road washed out by storms is expected to remain an issue for at least two weeks.

The 20-foot-wide by 15-foot-deep area opened on Mallard Creek Road between Polk and White Road and Johnston Oehler Road, stretching across both lanes.

Department of Transportation workers say the road could remain closed for a couple of weeks.

"NCDOT crews will utilize a trackhoe today to remove any remaining asphalt to get a better look at the damage and assess what repairs will be needed," NCDOT officials said Tuesday. "Assessing the damage and putting an emergency contract together may take a few days."

There's no word on repair estimate.

A spokesperson for NC DOT said the road was compromised Tuesday morning "because of a lot rain we accumulated in a short amount of time and some fill underneath the roadway washed out."

Jen Thompson said "the pavement got weaker and there was standing water on the roadway so that created also a very big safety concern because you can't see the road underneath all that standing water."

Mallard Creek High School is not far from the sinkhole. With school set to re-open in two weeks, bus drivers may have to make adjustments.

"School buses will have to be rerouted," Thompson said. "We'll have to communicate with them about another plan to get kids in and out of the area."

People who live and work in the area are now dealing with the detours off Mallard Creek Road.

One man told WBTV that "I work not too far from here so it's really causing me an inconvenience right now."

A truck driver hit the area Tuesday and went to the hospital with unknown injuries, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say.

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