Wedding guests dump four soap jugs in Rock Hill fountain

Wedding guests dump four soap jugs in Rock Hill fountain

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - A Rock Hill police officer noticed two people dumping jugs of soap into a fountain at the intersection of Dave Lyle Boulevard and Galleria Boulevard on Saturday.

According to a Rock Hill police report, Lt. Breeden followed the two people who were seen dumping the soap. While trying to get license plate information from the car, the driver sped up and was going faster than 95 mph in a 45 mph zone.

Officers say the car stopped at the intersection of Waterford Park and Red River Road, and the driver was arrested for reckless driving.

Another officer questioned them about the soap jugs. One of the suspects said they were in town for a wedding. He admitted to pouring soap in the south side fountain "because they thought it was funny," the report states.

They say they did not put soap in the north side fountain but had poured soap in the south side fountain multiple times.

Officers tried to make contact with Rock Hill City Public Works employees to get an estimate on the damage but were unable to get ahold of the right people.

Neither of the men involved were charged with damage to city property.

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