Dental office fed up with post office, says insurance checks not arriving in mail

Dental office fed up with post office, says insurance checks not arriving in mail
(Coleen Harry | WBTV)
(Coleen Harry | WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Some companies in University Commons business park on East W.T. Harris Blvd say they have had it with the U.S. Postal Service. They say it's been dealing with inconsistent or no mail delivery for more than a year.

Workers at Phillippi and Kwon Family Dentistry said 39 insurance checks didn't arrive in the mail last month.

"About three weeks ago, we had around 7-to-$8,000 outstanding in checks that disappeared," said Clerisa Yarborough. "We have insurance checks and a lot of our companies will pay within a week and we're not receiving claim payments so when we call the companies to see why our patients' claims have not been paid – they have been. And it's from various companies."

Yarborough added, "The company itself is having to ride that out. We're waiting on payments and we file insurance as a courtesy to our patients and they're calling going why hasn't my claim been paid."

She told WBTV her office workers have contacted the North Tryon station that handles their mail but haven't gotten any answers.

"This particular branch – there is something going wrong. Somewhere mail is going somewhere. We don't feel confident," she said. "We have to walk out to our post office box and we go out there numerous times."

Yarborough continued, "We don't know. We just do not know. I don't know if – you hear those stories about mail getting dumped but we have no proof of that of course and we're not indicating that - we just don't know where our claim payments are."

WBTV contacted the U.S Postal Service to find out what exactly is the problem with mail delivery at the business park. A spokesperson sent a statement.

Each piece of mail is important to the Postal Service, and we are committed to timely, consistent and quality mail delivery service at the lowest cost possible each day. We are looking into the customer concerns at the address you provided.

Richard Robertson, with Robertson and Associates Law Firm, said he understands mail delivery is not an easy job. Still, he too has had it with the mail problems.

"When we miss a day of the mail, we immediately call for it. We're losing our confidence" he said.

Attorney Richardson said his office depends on consistent and timely mail delivery.

"We oftentimes use electronic communication with our clients but since the court use the mail as we do litigation for a lot of businesses and individuals in town we depend on the mail."

Robertson said his office finally took action.

"We have complained to local postmaster and we even complained to Congress," he said. "We went to a local Congressman. We also sent letters to U.S Senators about the problem."

The law firm was referred to a postmaster with whom they stay in contact.

At the dental office, workers can't help but wonder what's happening to the checks.

"They're not cashed because they (insurance companies) won't re-issue until they make sure that the check isn't cashed," Yarborough said. "And it's not just one particular insurance company."

They left for the day with no mail delivery on Monday.

At 6 p.m., two women who apparently work for the Post Office arrived in a private vehicle. They opened the mail boxes and delivered the mail.

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