Carpooling Tips from Toyota of North Charlotte

Carpooling Tips from Toyota of North Charlotte
Guide to carpooling
Guide to carpooling

School is in session, work is in full swing and that means your Toyota of North Charlotte carpool is back in season! Setting up a carpool can be a little stressful if you don't prepare before the rotation begins. At Toyota of North Charlotte, we want to help by giving you a guide to getting maximum efficiency out of your carpool.

The Toyota of North Charlotte Carpool Guide

There are only six simple steps you need to take in order to make this school year's carpool a breeze. Let's take a look at these easy-to-follow guidelines:

Step #1. Make a rotation schedule before you hit the road and write it down. Avoid confusion, and make a hard copy of what day each driver in the carpool is responsible for. Also right up concrete times that each driver must depart and arrive at. Once your schedule is finalized print it out so you can give it to each member of the carpool for quick and easy reference. Toyota of North Charlotte recommends keeping an extra copy of the printed schedule in your dashboard for quick reference.

Step #2. Map out your main route and at least one backup route. You want to be familiar with the optimal route for your drive. However, in the scenario that there is an accident or bad traffic have an alternate way to get there. You can easily find different directions to your destination through the use of phone applications such as Google Maps or Waze. Just make sure to not use your phone while you're driving.

Step #3. Clean and make room for all passengers. Toyota of North Charlotte says to always make certain the experience of your passengers is enjoyable. Complement the comfortable seating of your North Charlotte Toyota by taking out all unnecessary items and cleaning the interior. If your carpool is predominantly kiddos it can be hard to keep up with cleaning, so invest in an easy-to-use handheld vacuum for quick cleanups after your driving week.

Step #4. Ensure your car is as safe as it possibly can be. Before your carpool starts back up take some time to do a routine car maintenance check and look at all of the safety features of your vehicle: airbags, safety technology, and seatbelts to name a few. You can easily come into our Toyota of North Charlotte Dealership and have us check everything for you.

Step #5. Always be punctual. Give yourself ample time to get to your destination. It is wise to leave 10 minutes earlier to make sure you are never rushed while driving. This will ensure your safety and also avoid any arguing within the carpool.

Step #6. Set up some ground rules. Everyone has a different idea of acceptable car behavior. Prior to the start of the carpool, make everyone is clear on what you expect of your passengers. This will ensure that there are no issues down the road and that everyone is happy.

A surefire success

Now that you know how to prepare, this year's carpool is a surefire success! Don't hesitate to come into our Toyota of North Charlotte Dealership and let us assist you in getting your vehicle in carpool shape. We are located at 13429 Statesville Road and are open seven days a week. Call our Toyota service center at (888) 732- 5310 and schedule your appointment today. Safe travels!