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A First Alert Day, and a new Tropical Storm?

Lyndsay Tapases/WBTV Lyndsay Tapases/WBTV
Lyndsay Tapases/WBTV Lyndsay Tapases/WBTV
Lyndsay Tapases/WBTV Lyndsay Tapases/WBTV

It's here, the final round of the PGA Championship, and so far, the weather hasn't been nearly as disruptive as it potentially could have been (knock on wood!).

On Saturday, there was a quick 60 second downpour at Quail Hollow Club during  the afternoon hours, but any steady rain held off until long after the course had cleared.

However, our luck may run out with the additional threat of downpours Sunday afternoon and early evening, especially in the Charlotte area and south. Like all week, it is a bit difficult (and outside of the realm of our forecasting capabilities) to pinpoint exactly what areas will see a shower at what time.

Instead, we give you our best estimate at what the coverage (or percentage) of rain will be, which means, how much of our WBTV viewing area do we expect to be seeing rain at any given time?

That coverage is up to about 40 percent for Sunday, especially between 2-6 p.m. for the Charlotte area. And, like we've seen all week, for any area where the sky does decide to open up, it's going to come down heavy. We just have so much moisture available to work with.

Which leads me to my next point - the humidity! Boy oh boy you can feel it. On Saturday, we hit 90 degrees but the heat index got as high as 98 degrees! Sunday shouldn't be quite that bad, but again, even though temps will be in the mid-upper 80s, you can expect temperatures to feel like in the low-mid 90s at times.

We have a very tropical air mass in place that has dew points in the 70s.

And, speaking of the tropics, how about we throw in a tropical storm for good measure? Late Saturday night, tropical depression #8 formed just northeast of the Bahamas, several hundred miles off the southeast coast. It is expected to strengthen into a tropical storm, named Gert, Sunday afternoon.

Don't worry, the storm doesn't pose any threat to land, but relatively speaking it will be fairly "close" to the East Coast (still several hundred miles off-shore, but tracking parallel) so we'll likely be hearing about soon-to-be-Gert in weather headlines this week.  

If you have Sunday afternoon plans or if you are heading out to the PGA Championship, make sure you have the WBTV Weather app handy.

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- Meteorologist Lyndsay Tapases

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