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Kids sell lemonade outside PGA to donate to American Heart Association

Kristi O'Connor/WBTV Kristi O'Connor/WBTV
Kristi O'Connor/WBTV Kristi O'Connor/WBTV

City officials estimate that the PGA Championship will have a $100 million economic impact on the city of Charlotte. Those numbers don't include the thousands of dollars people are raking in by letting others park on their lawns or selling water and lemonade on the side of the road.

Sharon Acres road, which backs up to Quail Hollow, was full of yard parking and stands of cold drinks Saturday. Neighbors said they were making up to $5,000 and $6,000 in the one week.

One lemonade stand was raking in about $500 a day and was run by a few middle school and elementary aged kids. The kids were also turning a hefty dollar from selling lemonade, water and donuts, but this stand was slightly different.

“In 2013, my grandad passed away and he was a heart patient,” 13-year-old Colin Shaver said.

Shaver and his siblings decided to sell lemonade at the Wells Fargo Tournament and donate it to the American Heart Association in honor of their grandpa.

In their first year, they raised about $400, but with the PGA Championships being hosted this year in Charlotte, they raised nearly $1,600 by Saturday afternoon.

“Our goal was $1,000, but we passed that yesterday so we are going to see if we can make it to $2,000,” Shaver said.

“They do everything themselves so I’m really incredibly proud of them,” Shaver's mom, Joanne, said. 

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