Uptick in counterfeit cash being passed in Charlotte area

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - There's been an uptick in counterfeit cash being passed around Charlotte in recent weeks. WBTV gathered five instances from CMPD police reports at various restaurants, convenience stores, and super markets all around Charlotte.

An undercover loss prevention worker at one super market said he has detained at least four people in the last month for using counterfeit bills.

"To the naked eye, if you don't handle money very often, you can't really distinguish between the real and the fake, you have to be careful," the officer said.

"When I looked at it, I said this money does not look real," said Assan Mborge, who works at the Gas N' Go on Carowinds Boulevard.

The man who handed it to him was a loyal customer Mborge had gotten to know over the last five years. He said he did not expect the man to try to use counterfeit cash so he accepted it.

"I should have followed my instincts," Mborge said.

The $100 bill turned out to be fake, and they haven't seen the man since.

"I didn't think he would sell his personality and dignity for $100," Mborge said.

Now, the Gas N' Go and other businesses around Charlotte are being stricter about checking bills.

"It will make the business a little slow, but we don't mind if the right thing is being done," Mborge said.

As officers try to get to the bottom of the fake bill passing, they are urging you to be cautious and trust your instinct.

"If it feels a different way, looks a different way, if you're not sure, just don't take it," the loss prevention employee said.

WBTV asked CMPD if they suspected any of the cases were connected. CMPD did not say if they suspected a connection but said the investigations are ongoing.

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