More overdose cases reported, including another fatality

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - More overdose cases have been reported in the last few days, including a third fatal overdose.

On Thursday two people died in separate drug overdose cases in Salisbury.

A 46-year-old woman died in a home in the 400 block of Martin Luther King, Jr., Avenue early on Thursday morning.  A second woman died in a room at the Economy Inn later on Thursday morning.

Police are waiting for word from the medical examiner in the second case, but have said it was likely a drug overdose and that drug paraphernalia was found in the room.

There was another fatal overdose in the town of Spencer earlier in the week.

In addition to the fatal cases, there have been at least a dozen overdose cases reported across the county.

On Thursday a man passed out in the candy aisle at the Speedway station on E. Innes.  Several hours later a man was found passed out at the gas pump at the same station.

Police say that man had his four-year-old daughter in the car at the time.

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