Charlotte Uber drivers benefit from PGA Championship traffic

Charlotte Uber drivers benefit from PGA Championship traffic

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you want to find an Uber driver in Charlotte, look no further than the parking lot of Quail Hollow Presbyterian Church. Dozens of the drivers have been passing through the lot to pick up golf fans this week.

The lot is a designated pick-up and drop-off location for fans traveling over to the Quail Hollow Club to watch the PGA Championship. While the lot has been busy, drivers enjoy the money that comes with frequent rides.

"Normally I only drive Friday and Saturday night, but tonight I drove just for the PGA tour," said Uber driver Laurie Miller on Tuesday.

Miller said that having a big event come to Charlotte is great for Uber drivers looking to make a profit.

"I'm a mom of three and this is a way we're saving up for summer vacation," explained Miller.

She wasn't the only driver who praised the event for bringing in business for Uber drivers.

"It's great. We look forward to big events because those of us who are driving enjoy being able to make the extra money," said Uber driver Jeanie Banks.

Several drivers told WBTV they had made several trips back and forth from the church parking lot.

The lot is set up so that drivers are filtered into different rows where they can wait for their customers as they return to the church from the golf course. While the process seemed to flow smoothly, it did get hectic at times.

"(There's) a ton of traffic and it's a little hectic but it's organized chaos and it's working out well," said PGA fan and Uber customer Von Stokes on Thursday evening.

Other Uber customers weren't quite as pleased. Golf fan Tom Vaughan said he was frustrated after having trouble locating his Uber driver in the lot.

"It was good this morning but (the driver) drove by here twice already so now we're waiting for her to get us home," said Vaughan.

CMPD officers policing Uber traffic at the lot said that the issues seemed to arise when there would be too many Uber drivers and not enough customers in the lot. They said problems would also occur when Uber drivers tried to cut ahead of each other when picking up customers.

However, most of the golf fans taking Ubers home seemed satisfied with the overall process.

"In this case, they are already out here waiting for us," said golf fan John Prentzas, "so it's convenient, quick, it's effective."

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