Bargains to be found for PGA ticket buyers

Bargains to be found for PGA ticket buyers

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Along south Charlotte thoroughfare Carowinds Boulevard, which has a history of crowd-pleasing attractions, bargain seekers are also looking for access to the PGA Championship.

One ticket broker goes by the name of Jimmy D. The man, who hails from Boston, calls ticket prices affordable.

"Practice rounds are around 30 bucks, and the tournament rounds are running 80 to 100," he said.

Several tents are set up. Across the parking lot, Norman Patton and his friends are among the locals from Charlotte also on the hunt for fans heading to Quail Hollow.

"It's competition," Patton said. "Everybody's trying to win."

Finding a deal has become a two-way street. That's because some buyers are walking away with bargains, picking up tickets below face value.

The threat of rain earlier this week at Quail Hollow Club has caused the bottom to drop out. While those hawking the tickets are asking $30 a pop for the practice rounds, Mike Murdock saved nearly 50 percent. His price of admission to Quail Hollow Club was $18.

"It's a little more casual on the practice rounds. It's not as serious, and the players will talk to you and spend some time," Murdock said.

Back on ticket row, Patton is hoping to close more deals.

"It is sold out, and it's a bunch of people selling them," he said.

A few feet away, his competitor, Jimmy D, says the first offer isn't always the best one.

"Sure, everything is negotiable in life," Jimmy D. said.

In this case, negotiating may provide access to a desired spot near the fairway at a price that's more than fair.

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