First Alert Day canceled Friday, but don’t let your guard down!

First Alert Day canceled Friday, but don’t let your guard down!
UPDATE: Thursday, August 10, 5 p.m.

Thunderstorms are expected to be on the increase Friday and remain a factor through the weekend. With the PGA Championship in town, any localized thunderstorm will put golfers and spectators who can't find shelter in danger.

Having said that, the weather pattern over the next few days is settling into a typical summertime pattern with scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms. For that reason, the forecast no longer rises to the level of a First Alert Day, but we urge everyone at Quail Hollow Club to remain keenly aware of the weather conditions while you are on the course.

As always, the WBTV Weather App is a great tool in your toolbox. It will alert your phone when lightning is detected within five miles of your location.  Head to your app store, search for WBTV and download our free weather app.

No technology is a substitute for your own common sense. If you feel uneasy about the weather conditions around you, don't hesitate to take extra precautions.

- Chief Meteorologist Eric Thomas

UPDATE: Thursday, August 10, 12 p.m.

Late last night the decision was made to cancel today's First Alert Day. While some areas will continue to see afternoon clouds, and a few showers, they will mainly hold in our western counties. Much of the 77 corridor and areas East are actually seeing a fair amount of sun today. While we can't completely rule out a stray shower for these areas (including the Charlotte metro and Quail Hollow Club) later this evening, the coverage stands at only 10-20%.

Overall, it's looking like it may shape up to be a great day at the course for the first round of the PGA Championship.

Friday's First Alert Day still looks to bring a few rounds of heavier downpours, especially during the afternoon and evening, but fortunately, a severe threat appears to be minimal. Still- the tens of thousands of folks headed to the tournament will want to play close attention to the forecast with the threat of rain. We'll continue to monitor the Friday and weekend forecast closely to determine if additional First Alert Days may be needed for Saturday and/or Sunday as the unsettled pattern does not look to let up until the middle part of next week.

UPDATE: Wednesday, August 9, 11 p.m.

We are updating our forecast tonight and canceling the First Alert Day for Thursday as new data is indicating the heaviest concentration of disruptive weather may not arrive until Friday.  A First Alert Day remains in effect Friday for that reason.

A nearly stationary front to our south over southern SC will start to creep northward at the end of the week creating higher chances of thunderstorms and disruptive weather, particularly for those with outdoor plans.  The PGA Championship comes to mind first with thousands of spectators roaming Quail Hollow Club.

Because of the significant outdoor event this week, we're being particularly cautious and want to remind everyone to think about where they will take shelter in the event of a thunderstorm.  Lightning many years is the number one weather killer, so our hope is to raise awareness with everyone and keep safety first and foremost.

In addition to our concerns Friday, the story remains much the same for Saturday and Sunday as warmer and unstable air continue to build across the Carolinas.  You can always take the First Alert Weather team with you by downloading the WBTV First Alert weather app.

- Chief Meteorologist Eric Thomas

Wednesday, August 9, 1 p.m.

A stalled out stationary front will linger to the south of the Charlotte area on Wednesday. That leaves us with a basically dry forecast for Wednesday. But as high pressure builds off the Atlantic coast, it will help to push that front back into the Charlotte area on Thursday.

This means our chances for afternoon showers and thunderstorms are going up once again. And they will remain elevated for Friday as well. That is why we are issuing First Alert Days for both Thursday and Friday.

Storms will be mainly driven by the heating of the day… coming later into the afternoon and evening. Also expect a good deal of cloud cover during the day on Thursday, lending to mostly cloudy skies during the afternoon.

On Friday, instability will be even greater. Ample moisture and a new front approaching from the northwest will take our chances for afternoon storminess even higher. And the threat for a few of these storms may reach severe criteria.

And I'm afraid to say the story remains much the same for Saturday and Sunday.  Discrete pieces of energy will ride into the Carolinas, and this will enhance the risk for afternoon storms.

With all these storms, the greatest risk will be for heavy downpours of rain and for deadly cloud to ground lightning. We'll keep an eye on the forecast… and you can always take to power of the First Alert Weather team with you by downloading the WBTV First Alert weather app.

- Meteorologist Chris Larson

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