Former Charlotte 49ers QB Kevin Olsen to enter plea at arraignment on rape charge

Former Charlotte 49ers QB Kevin Olsen to enter plea at arraignment on rape charge

CHARLOTTE, NC (Mark Price/The Charlotte Observer) - Former UNC Charlotte 49ers quarterback Kevin Olsen will be arraigned on Sept. 28 in connection with an alleged sexual assault that took place in February.

Olsen, the brother of Carolina Panthers star Greg Olsen, is expected to enter his plea of guilty or not guilty at the arraignment. An attorney for Olsen said earlier this year that his client "denies 99 percent" of the accusations.

He was arrested Feb. 19 in Charlotte and charged with three counts of felony second-degree forcible rape, communicating threats, assault on a female and second-degree sex offense (forcible fondling). The assaults reportedly took place in Olsen's apartment near the UNCC campus and involved a former UNCC student he was dating at the time.

Each of Olsen's rape charges carries a possible 10-year sentence.

He was indicted by a grand jury in May. The 6-foot-3, 215-pound Olsen is freed on $103,000 bond.?

Assistant District Attorney Kristen Northrup said during a February court appearance that Olsen threatened to strangle himself with a phone charger moments before assaulting the woman.

Olsen's attorney, George Laughrun, said in February that his client "denies 99 percent of what was read in court."

According to Northrup, Olsen and the 23-year-old accuser went out drinking on a Saturday night but became separated. During their time apart, Northrup said, Olsen sent the woman a text message threatening to kill her.

Eventually, the pair reunited and used Uber to get back to Olsen's apartment early Sunday morning. There, Northrup said, Olsen remained upset about the evening "and some events in his life." He grabbed a phone charger and wrapped it around his neck, threatening to kill himself, the prosecutor said.

The victim, according to Northrup, calmed Olsen down. But the argument flared again. Olsen first struck her with a pillow, then punched her in the face, Northrup said. He then sexually assaulted her three times, Northrup said.

When Olsen fell asleep, the woman slipped out of the apartment and called a friend, Northrup said. Police reached her at Carolinas HealthCare System University, where the woman was found to have vaginal injuries and bruising around one of her eyes.

Olsen ended the last season as a backup quarterback for UNCC.