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Citizens Review Board to hear evidence in Keith Scott shooting

Almost a year has come and gone since chaos descended on Uptown. Charlotte has spent 11 months trying to march past the scars of the Keith Scott shooting and Tuesday, the trek will continue.

In June, the Citizen's Review Board found "potential error" in CMPD Chief Kerr Putney's decision to justify Officer Brentley Vinson's actions. Vinson shot and killed Scott on September 20th after police say he wouldn't comply with their orders. According to police, a gun was found on his body.

The CRB decided they wanted more information and called an evidentiary hearing where both sides will present evidence and witnesses to the board. 

Curtis Hayes was a peaceful protestor in the midst of the uptown riots following the Scott shooting. He's followed the case through every step and he'll be watching as it yet again, goes in front of the CRB.

"What do I think is going to happen or what do I want to happen? What I think is going to happen is nothing of course," he said.

The CRB is made up of 11 community members appointed by the Mayor, City Council and the City Manager.

Hayes questions the motives the board has to dig deeper into this case over others.

"The fact is that he (Scott) had a gun. Facts on other cases is that that he didn't have a gun," he said.

While many cases go before the CRB, most do not result in a hearing like the one scheduled for Tuesday. 

"You've had hundreds of those cases and now we get to a case where the guy had a gun. And now we want to bring a little light out and shine it on this case that's really meaningless. He had a gun," Hayes said. 

Monday evening, the Scott family's attorney's, Charles G. Monnett, III, Justin Bamberg and Eduardo Curry, released the following statement to WBTV:

"On the eve of the second hearing before the Citizens Review Board, we look forward to presenting evidence on behalf of Keith Scott. Keith's family is grateful that such an opportunity even exists for residents. We will continue to work tirelessly in our representation of this family."

If the CRB decides CMPD's decision is flawed, the Chief and City Manager will then have to decide whether to take disciplinary action against Officer Vinson.

Tuesday's hearing is expected to last two days.

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