Body of Charlotte man found after going missing on Lake Norman

Crews resume search for man on Lake Norman
Kristi O'Connor/WBTV
Kristi O'Connor/WBTV
Kristi O'Connor/WBTV
Kristi O'Connor/WBTV

LAKE NORMAN, NC (WBTV) - The body of a 28-year-old Charlotte man has been found two days after he went missing while swimming in Lake Norman and didn't resurface.

Rescue crews responded around 6 p.m. Sunday to a cove off High Hills Drive in Mooresville. Sergeant Ron Robertson with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission said the man was with several people who rented a pontoon boat and was considered a swimmer.

His body was located and recovered Tuesday morning, according to North Carolina Wildlife officials. His family has requested the man not be identified until the recovery mission is complete.

Robertson said the search area is about 15 feet deep and murky. Windy weather is creating choppy water on the surface which complicates the search.

Several teams from local fire departments, including Sherrills Ford-Terrell Fire and Rescue, are on the scene.

The department lost Firefighter Bradley Long, who was part of a dive rescue team, last year. He died while searching for a drowning victim on Lake Norman.

For the first time on the lake, search crews are using the SFTFR's special robot instead of divers in the recovery effort. Robertson says the new equipment has a sharp image and allows searchers to zoom in on an image for more clarity.

"We're thankful to have every tool that we have," said Sgt. Robertson. "It has allowed us to search longer. Putting divers in the water can be dangerous, so this allows us to eliminate having to have a diver in the water."

Of course, he said, they will use a diver when needed. Crews searched after midnight Sunday by using the robot. They resumed at 8:30 a.m.

Robertson praised the homeowners who are providing space and support, not only to the search crews but the family who has a missing loved one in the water.

"We're very appreciative of their support," he said. "Without them, it makes our jobs a lot tougher."

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