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Weeks-old puppy found burned on Lancaster County road, animal rescue says

Courtesy: Lancaster SPCA Courtesy: Lancaster SPCA

An animal rescue claims a burned puppy was found on a road in Lancaster County Friday morning. 

According to the Lancaster Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a man was on his way to work when he found the puppy, named Sophie, who was covered with burns. The man took Sophie to the Lancaster Animal Shelter where employees then contacted the Lancaster SPCA. 

Sophie has third-degree and fourth-degree burns on her back, ears and portions of her face, according to a spokesperson with the Lancaster SPCA. 

The animal rescue posted on their Facebook page asking for the public's help in donating towards Sophie's care. 

They released this statement on Facebook:

"We are begging for your help. Donations for her care are so needed. You can call directly to our vet and donate to her. Every dollar helps and she deserves all we can give her. "

Sophie is approximately 10-12 weeks old, according to the animal rescue. 

No police reports have been filed. 

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