New Indian Land grocery store brings traffic concerns, price war

Dedrick Russell | WBTV
Dedrick Russell | WBTV
Dedrick Russell | WBTV
Dedrick Russell | WBTV

INDIAN LAND, SC (WBTV) - A Lidl grocery store is setting up shop right across the street from the Walmart on Charlotte Highway in Indian Land and is expected to open in September.

"Lidl is a competitor we are worried about, but we are ready," Walmart Store Manager Keith Sanders said.

Lidl is known for their low grocery prices, which can sometimes be nine percent lower than Walmart's prices.  Sanders said he visited a Lidl recently and came back with some changes, including cutting prices for about 6,000 items in his store.

"It took us a few days to actually change that many prices," Sanders said. "We did it. It's not a price change that's going to go back - it's going to stay."

The store manager shared some of his price changes.

"My milk is $1.25 a gallon," Sanders said. "Where you going to find that? Eggs are $.73 cents. I won't be beat."

Customers like what's about to happen.

"Anytime you have a chance for competing enterprises to offer goods to the consumer, it's a win for the consumer and for the local economy," Adam Huminski said, who is a shopper.

While the price wars begin, drivers are concerned about the traffic that the new grocery store will bring.

"The traffic as bad as it is right now, and it's going to get worse, " Erin said, who is a driver.

Drivers have reached out to their county leaders about their traffic concerns. County planning officials say turn lanes were added so drivers can easily get into the Lidl store, but it could still be a challenge for drivers who are traveling southbound on Highway 521 to turn into the store's parking lot.  Depending on traffic, it could be tricky to get across.

Traffic experts conducted a study and determined a traffic light is not needed but another study could be done once the store opens.

"I think they'll look at it hard, but it is pretty close to the one at Red Ventures and they try to keep them at least a 1/4 mile apart, Brian Carnes said, who is a councilman with Lancaster County.

WBTV reached out to Lidl for comment about the traffic and price wars, but no one has returned our call.

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