UPDATE: 'Rocket the Miracle Dog,' found near death, is slowly recovering

CATAWBA COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - One month ago Friday, Rocket the Miracle Dog was discovered wandering out of the woods in Catawba County.

He was emaciated, dehydrated, and covered in parasites. His body was shutting down.

He ended up in the care of Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue, a group of folks who decided his odds were long, but they'd give him the best chance possible at living.

He was taken to an emergency vet where doctors were unsure whether he'd live. Covered with large scabs, Rocket was in bad shape.

But one month later, the "miracle dog" is getting along much better in the care of his foster mother, Corey.

"He's made new friends and hanging out with other dogs," Corey said.

Rocket has his own Facebook page aptly titled "Rocket the Miracle Dog." It already has more than 500 followers.

Just this week, Rocket's skin biopsy came back showing he has a very hard to treat infection. But doctors are trying new medications every day. And his bald patches are slowly filling in with fur.

He's alive, and he's getting better, thanks to committed volunteers who're taking great care of him.

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