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End of summer auto service time is here, and Toyota of N Charlotte can help!

Have you scheduled end of summer auto service?

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The end of summer is coming and back to school is right around the corner. Is your ride ready for the transition from easy-breezy summer vacation to a hectic school year? Toyota of North Charlotte is here to give you tips on end of summer auto service. Remember, even if you’re not lining up for the carpool there will still be a whole lot more traffic out on the roads when the school bell rings. Make sure your car is prepped accordingly!

What types of auto service will help you send off summer?

1) Tires: After a long summer of beach trips and road trips, your tires need a little TLC to take on the back to school commute (whether you’re making your way to school or just stuck in the resulting traffic). Have our Charlotte auto service techs check their inflation levels, tread, and general condition to ensure they’re in good shape and giving you the fuel efficiency and traction you need to safely take on the road.

2) Oil: It may be the end of summer vacation, but the heat is still here to stay for a little while longer. The last thing you need on a busy school day is an overheated engine, so schedule a Charlotte oil change at our auto service center. You can also check the oil yourself to see if it needs to be changed – pull out the dipstick. The oil should be tan in color and in between the two tic marks on the stick. If it’s dark, has debris in it, or is below the bottom tic mark, you’re due for service.

3) Detailing: Road trips and trips back from the beach with sandy feet can leave your car in major disarray by the end of summer. Why not give it a good car detailing? No one wants to get back to a new semester in a dirty car – vacuum, shampoo, and wipe the interior until it’s like-new. And don’t forget about the exterior! A good wash and a coat of wax will keep your paint in good shape through the seasons. Don’t forget, we offer car detailing services at our Charlotte auto service center!

4) Organize: There’s nothing worse than searching for a lost cleat or a missing lunch in a cluttered car. Organize your ride with cargo totes and other hacks to ensure everything is where it needs to be when the school bell rings. You should also stock your car before things kick off – keeping snacks, baby wipes, and a first aid kit on hand can make your back to school transition a lot easier.

Toyota of N Charlotte offers affordable car care!

Need to schedule Charlotte auto service or car detailing and keep things affordable? Swing by 13429 Statesville Road just off I-77 at exit 23, or call us ahead of time to schedule an appointment at (888) 883-3797. We’re open and waiting to help you see summer out the door! 

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