Special handicap van needed for longtime #MollysKids, Gabriel Revis

Special handicap van needed for longtime #MollysKids, Gabriel Revis

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - Many of you know of Gabriel Revis. Doctors said he wouldn't live past three days, but he's now 2-and-a-half. His mom, April, is a single mom who works part time at Food Lion in Hickory. We've met a few times. I can tell you she loves big and fights with everything she has for her son.

Which is why I think this post is important.

A friend of hers recently reached out behind April's back.

"April would never ask you," she said. "She never asks for help. But I watch her drive her Ford Focus from Hickory to Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte. Then I watch her drive from Hickory to Greenville Shriners Hospital in South Carolina. It overheats and has very little space. Anytime they leave the house with Gabriel a nurse has to sit in the backseat with his carseat, ventilator, suction back, the marine battery that powers his equipment, and his diaper bag."

Her friend wanted to know, did I have any recommendations on how to research a special van?

"The internet is overwhelming when it comes to finding legitimate information," she said. "I'm at a loss. Gabriel's growing larger and the space is getting smaller. Their trunk is also filled with other equipment. April is trying not to stress about this but I know it consumes her at night."

I got this email weeks ago. Bottom line, I've haven't come up with anything. Which is why I write now -- Does anyone have advice on where to find a special handicap van for a deserving family? The van needs to fit these special needs:

  • Wheelchair-capable
  • Big enough for Gabe’s special chair (currently a large special needs stroller, but will later be a wheelchair) and a seat for a nurse.
  • Doesn’t need to be new. Just safe.
  • One sliding door is fine.

Obviously, I got permission from April to write this, so she now knows her friend reached out. If you have any ideas – Anyone? Anyone? – comment below or write me personally at mgrantham@wbtv.com. I'll forward your emails on to April and her friend.

I think it's great you guys reached out. You just never know...


PS- For those who follow Gabriel and know of his recent challenges, I'm happy to report he is out of the hospital after being there three weeks.

PPS – For those who haven't followed Gabriel's story, he was born with Roberts Syndromes. That's a genetic disorder that creates internal problems and limb and facial abnormalities. His original #MollysKids post (with more information) is here >> http://tinyurl.com/GabrielRevisOriginalMKs

**Editor's note: This is about one of #MollysKids, children WBTV Anchor Molly Grantham follows closely on her Facebook page. It was first published there, which is why it's written in a personal way. For years Molly has followed hundreds of kids with uphill medical battles. Find this story and updates on all #MollysKids here.**