A look at Bank of America Stadium upgrades before start of season

A look at Bank of America Stadium upgrades before start of season

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The fourth year of renovations at Bank of America Stadium are almost complete just a week before the start of pre-season games.

This year, the organization focused on redoing the 100 level as well as 300 club and suite levels.

"If you have come to this stadium for 20 years - whether you are sitting on the 100 level, the 500 level, or the suite level - it is a dramatic difference," said Scott Paul, Executive Director of Stadium Operations.

Fans will notice additional seating and standing room, additional points of service, large LED screens for game viewing, improvements to concessions, and more.

"I think that it is big. I think making sure the stadium is renovated and up to date makes sure the fans keep coming out to support the team," said one Panthers fan.

The renovations started back in 2014 with the addition of escalators, a new video board, and a sound system. The stadium has also improved on the security for those entering the games.

"So we spent $47 million dollars on this round of renovations," said Paul. "We built these renovations so the stadium will last another 20 years. We would not be where we were if not for the partnership of the city."

The city spent $87.5 million on renovations for the stadium to keep the team in the Queen City through 2023.

Councilman James Mitchell, who chairs the Economic Development Board, said the city is anxious to continue talks to make sure the team stays in Charlotte.

"We are doing everything we can to make sure the Panthers stay in this city," said Mitchell.

Fans will get their first look at the new renovations at Fan Fest on Friday.

"We are going on 150 consecutive sell outs. In North and South Carolina, our fans are the best," said Paul.

There will be a fifth year of renovations in 2018, but most of those upgrades will be behind the scenes and not noticeable to fans.

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