Charlotte police officer writes children's mystery novel

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Even as a little boy, Chad Webster had ambitions to be an author.

"I have enjoyed writing since elementary school. It's always been my dream to be a writer," Webster said.

But he ended up a police officer because he also dreamed of helping people.

"It's very cliché to say people want to be police officers to help people, but it's the truth," Webster said.

Officer Webster recently came up with an idea to tie the two professions together with a children's book.

"The main character, Mystery Muffin, is the daughter of a police officer. And her neighbor, Soda Pop Slooth, they help solve neighborhood mysteries," he said.

"Mystery Muffin and Soda Pop Slooth" is a book about kids solving mysteries with the help of the police.

"I want kids to read. I want them to write and to put down the screens and know they can do great things." Said Webster.

Officer Webster is a community coordinator in his division in Charlotte. His job is to get the public engaged with the police, and this book isn't his first go at it. Recently, he started a Facebook group called "Waves of Change."

"Basically, an officer waves at a member of the community and if they wave back, we get out and introduce ourselves and get to know them," he said.

Positive changes from an officer committed to helping people. Whether in a book... or in uniform.

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