Retailer Lowe’s is cutting more jobs, affecting stores in N.C., nationwide

Retailer Lowe’s is cutting more jobs, affecting stores in N.C., nationwide

MOORESVILLE, NC (Katherine Peralta/The Charlotte Observer) – Mooresville-based Lowe's is cutting more jobs.

The home-improvement retailer confirmed Thursday that it is laying off an undisclosed number of delivery workers nationwide as the company shifts to a third-party delivery service.

In an email to the Observer, the company said its decision is in response to "the growing demand for timely delivery," including next-day delivery, in select markets. None of the affected stores are in Charlotte.

The affected stores have already been using a combination of both third-party and Lowe's own delivery, the company said. The affected stores are also in markets where the increased demand for delivery exceeds Lowe's current capacity.

"Unifying the delivery strategy in these markets will improve the customer experience," the company said.

A spokeswoman declined to say how many delivery workers and which markets are affected nationwide. In North Carolina, two of the 115 stores are impacted, she said.

The latest layoff announcement follows a series of other recent cuts Lowe's has made to cut costs and boost profitability.

Earlier this summer, laid off about 125 corporate tech workers, mostly at its Mooresville headquarters. Many of the affected information technology job functions are being sent to Bangalore, India, where Lowe's employs approximately 1,000 corporate workers.

Lowe's also eliminated 96 corporate tech jobs in October, then in January cut another 2,400 full-time jobs, mostly at the store level. In February, it followed with more than 500 corporate layoffs, including 430 in Mooresville and 70 support staffers in Wilkesboro.