CMS, UCPS, York Co superintendents share plans for upcoming school year

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Superintendents from three local school districts are sharing what changes will be made for this upcoming school year.

School leaders from Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS), Union County Public Schools (UCPS), and York County School District One showed up on Morning Break Wednesday morning to share part of their plan.

The top educators talked about whether superintendents should use their authority to assign teachers where to work to the effectiveness of year-round schools. All agree with assigning teachers, and CMS Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox said he wasn't a fan of year-round schools.

Wilcox was also asked what will be done differently in CMS to address the achievement gap between black and white students.

"We have to look at our curriculum," Wilcox said. "We have to look at what we are teaching and when we are teaching it. We have to make sure we are teaching with a great deal of fidelity."

Wilcox just started as CMS superintendent July 1st. He says he is ready to change the culture at some CMS schools.

"I am working with principals right now to establish good environments for teaching and learning," CMS Superintendent said. "But we also have to reach out to families."

UCPS Superintendent Dr. Andrew Houlihan is ready to do more to address literacy in the schools.

"No matter your zip code," Houlihan said. "They are going to be equipped with the right quantity and quality of books they need both digitally and print to be very successful."

Houlihan says this year the district will pilot a program with K2 students.  Students will get an iPad to help determine if that technology will help boost academic achievement.  The district is shuffling money around this year to provide more resources to low performing schools.

"We have redirected around $5 to 6 million dollars to six schools in particular," Houlihan said. "And that's to address academic support, social and emotional support and extended time for them to learn."

The superintendent in York County School District #1, Dr. Vernon Prosser, says his school district will be ready for the first day of school. He has this request.

"Students need to be to school on time and ready to learn," Prosser said. "And we want our parents to help with that."

Prosser says this year the district had to deal with getting about $1.4 million less money in their budget. The leader says that will be a challenge.

"Our philosophy is all of our resources go into the classrooms," Prosser said. "And I think with those challenges we don't do some things whether it be building additions or something like that - we'll defer those."

Class starts for CMS and UCPS on August 28 and students in York start August 17.?

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