Turning a crime scene into a place of love

Turning a crime scene into a place of love

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - It's a simple idea: pick up a piece of chalk and write something positive.  Dozens of people have been doing that over the last day or two in downtown Salisbury, transforming the scene of a brutal crime into a place of encouragement.

The chalk sits in buckets at various spots along the street.  There's some in front of the Lettered Lilly, more across the street in front of the bench.

The messages have been written on both sidewalks, and out in the street itself.  Along with words such as "God is Love," "Be Kind," and simply "Love," there are specific notes of remembrance for the two men who were gunned down early on Saturday morning.

Daquan Robertson and Anthony Gill were shot and killed.  Three others were also injured.  Police say that there was a verbal altercation that escalated into a gunfight.

On Tuesday two men were arrested.  Jalen Cook is charged with two counts of first degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon.  Zakelo Duren is charged with a felony count of inciting a riot.

On Saturday, the 100 block of West Fisher Street was an expansive crime scene, surrounded by yellow tape as investigators marked the spots where dozens of shell casings hit the ground.

By Tuesday night, the chalk messages had started to transform the crime scene into something very special.

On Wednesday as customers lined up out the front door at Go Burrito, many spent time reading the messages, some picking up a piece of colored chalk and adding something of their own.

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