NC woman jailed in Honduras moved to police station

NC woman jailed in Honduras moved to police station

CARY, NC (WNCN) - The owner of a popular Raleigh bar remains behind bars in Honduras on possible drug charges.

In a new Facebook post, Amanda LaRoque now says her conditions there have improved.

CLICK HERE to watch the initial video LaRoque posted.

"I just want everyone to know I'm well," LaRoque said in a Facebook post.

LaRoque said she's now staying at a police station. Her husband, Brandon, has been allowed to stay with her. She's also seen a doctor.

"At least watching makes me feel a lot better," Barbara Levy, Amanda LaRoque's mother said.

"They have to do the letter of the law. They have to keep her in custody, but I think they're making the best of the situation," Jason Levy, Amanda LaRoque's brother said.

Locals and expats have been stopped by the police station Tuesday, Amanda said. They dropped off food, water and other supplies.

She and her husband are documenting their ordeal on Facebook.

It all started Sunday in Honduras. Brandon said his wife had been traveling with a friend and that they were looking for a vacation home.

At the airport, security found Amanda's "can safe," which is an AriZona Tea can disguised as a safe with concrete added for weight.

Her husband said she used it to hide money during her trip. Brandon LaRoque told CBS North Carolina officers mistook the white substance inside it for cocaine and charged her.

"A hundred percent equivocally I know for a fact it is not cocaine," Jason Levy said.

"In Central American countries, people can be very cautious as far as how much cash they carry with them," Grayce Walters, a travel agent with Maupin Travel in Raleigh said.

Walters has been a travel agent for 40 years. She didn't work with the LaRoques.

Walters provided insight into what those going to Honduras should do.

"I would be very cautious and probably use ATMs and if you have to use cash just take out a small amount daily," Walters said.

She had never heard of a "can safe," and advised using a hotel safe and credit cards.