Molly's Kids: Born healthy. What caused 2-year-old Chase Martin to decline?

Molly's Kids: Born healthy. What caused 2-year-old Chase Martin to decline?
(Credit: Family)
(Credit: Family)

GAFFNEY, SC (WBTV) - Oh, my. It's hard to look away from Chase Martin.

One picture was taken before he got sick. In a picture after he was diagnosed, he is still smiling – you can see his personality despite also seeing a medical chair and chest restraints.

Chase, his sister Gracelyn, their mom and her fiancé live in Gaffney, South Carolina.

"Chase is our miracle baby," mom Jade Capps said. "It's most fun to watch him and Gracelyn. She is her brother's biggest fan."

Born in January 2015, Chase was a beautiful healthy boy. Things were good for almost two years, until his first seizure in October of 2016. The seizures continued for the next six months. His mother says she was beside herself.

"We were in five different hospitals trying to figure out what was causing the seizures," she said. "No medicine would work. He was having over 150 seizures a day. The hospital in Greenville finally put him in a medically-induced coma to go full force with a strong amount of medicine. They said they just needed to see what might help."

After three weeks in a coma, Jade says doctors decided to fly her son to Duke University Hospital. After a week at Duke, he was taken out of the coma and put on a really strict food regiment called the Ketogenic Diet. After a week it started working.

"Doctors said that was really fast!" Jade says. "It gave me hope. His seizures started slowing down."

But damage had been done. Chase had lost much of his eyesight, sustained brain damage, can no longer walk or talk and has to be fed MIC-KEY button.

Jade said doctors did a gene test and found out the cause of all this: Two of her son's genes changed.

"He is the 8th person in the world to have this ever happen to him," Jade says. "Chase is home now and doing really well. He has been seizure free for two months and with the help of therapy we hope he can learn how to walk, talk and eat again. His sight has been improving. We look for small successes. Chase is such a sweet baby. His family absolutely loves him to death."

And just like that, a morning reminder to go hug your kids.

Welcome to #MollysKids, Chase. Thank you, Jade, for sharing him with us all.


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