How safe is your pool? Search a database to see inspection results.

How safe is your pool? Search a database to see inspection results.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Anna Douglas and Gavin Off/Charlotte Observer) - Since Memorial Day, Mecklenburg County inspectors have shut down 95 pools for health and safety violations.

During the 2017 pool season, county health department inspectors have visited nearly 900 swimming pools open to the public starting in May. Not all pools are inspected prior to opening.

Mecklenburg County is the only county in the state that does not require a pre-opening inspection. Instead, the county grants operating permits in May and completes an inspection within 60 days, a window of time allowed by state law.

All those inspections are now complete, Mecklenburg County spokeswoman Rebecca Carter told the Charlotte Observer.

Earlier this summer, the Observer reported nearly 350 public swimming pools were welcoming swimmers on Memorial Day weekend despite not having had a health and safety inspection.

State leaders have said they are now considering eliminating the 60-day grace period for pools to open without an inspection. Mecklenburg County officials have said they are making changes to their inspection and permit tracking system to ensure pools shut down during the immediate past season aren't able to get new permits without being checked.

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