Chief: Toddler 'victim of extreme negligence' dies from gunshot; mom, teen boyfriend charged

(Courtesy Rayven Symone Massey)
(Courtesy Rayven Symone Massey)
(Alex Giles | WBTV)
(Alex Giles | WBTV)
(Alex Giles | WBTV)
(Alex Giles | WBTV)

LANCASTER, SC (WBTV) - The mother of a 2-year-old boy who was shot and killed in Lancaster Monday night is now in jail, along with her boyfriend.

Toni Gladden, 26, is the mother of the shooting victim, Jarcavion Gladden. According to Lancaster Police Chief Scott Grant, Toni is charged with unlawful conduct of a child and misprision of a felony. Her 18-year-old boyfriend, Shazeem Hayes, is also charged with unlawful conduct of a child.

Chief Grant would not release whether Jarcavion accidentally shot himself or if someone else was at fault. But he did say this child was the victim of extreme negligence, of the people who should have been protecting him.

"Last night was probably the darkest night in the history of the Lancaster Police Department," Chief Grant said. "And after a full night of lies and avoidance, we have uncovered the truth and those responsible are in custody."

The 200 block of East Dunlap street in Lancaster was quiet Tuesday morning, the day after 2-year-old Jacarion Antonio Gladden was shot in the chest and killed. The Lancaster County coroner identified the toddler Tuesday.

An autopsy was done Tuesday and police are still trying to figure out what led up to the shooting.

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A neighbor and family member of the toddler told WBTV she saw the boy, his mother, and his 4-year-old sister rushing to the hospital after the shooting.

"I woke up this morning and I still can't believe it happened," she said.

She did not hear any gunshots, but the couple, the boy and his 4-year-old sister driving down the street shortly after.

"The parent was on the passenger side and was like 'open your eyes, open your eyes' that's all I could hear from a distance," she said.

She says she called the little boy "Little SK." She says he was a happy baby, that was always playing outside and riding his bike.

She added that his mother and her boyfriend were often seen fighting, but she did not know if that had anything to do with the boy being shot. ?

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