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Dallas bridge closed for two years, neighbors frustrated


We all know how frustrating a drive is when it lasts longer than it should be. Traffic is usually the culprit, but not on Hoyles Creek Road in Dallas. The old wooden bridge has been closed for more than two years.

Courtney Henson Garrett lives nearby and has seen her commute time triple to get from one point to the next.

“Grass is growing up. It’s just unfair. It’s an eye sore,” she said.

Angela Gratefarmer has had it too. She says the bridge was blocked off and deemed unsafe after years of wear and tear.

“They surprised us. We got no notice,” Gratefarmer said. “They said it would be a year. I said, 'oh wow, that’s a long time.'"

Garrett just had another baby. She says the increase in the time it takes to get to doctors appointments and other errands is unacceptable.

“There’s no way over there. You have to go all the way around,” she said.

WBTV asked NCDOT about the problem and they sent the following statement:

We are currently reviewing 25% plans for this project and are awaiting on Utility Relocation Plans. These plans are made contingent of all utility owner conflicts.  Once these plans are completed, we can finalize Right of Way plans and construction plans.  We are still in the process of determining the needed environmental permits for the project, and such permitting will need to be approved prior to project letting as well. All Right of Way will need to be acquired too. Currently we are expecting to have a 2018 let.

“It’s unfair to us as a community. Honestly, I’d like to move. It’s that bad,” Gratefarmer said.

Neighbors don't know why it's taking so long as they waste more time and gas money.

“It makes me feel like we’ve been forgotten, like nothing," Garrett said. "It’s not going to get done anytime soon."

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