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Report: Couple stole 13 tires from Rock Hill Honda to 'sell on Facebook'

(Source: WBTV/File) (Source: WBTV/File)

A man and his fiancé were arrested after police say they planned on selling stolen tires on Facebook.

Rock Hill Police saw a man and woman with several tires near Northern Tool and the Honda Dealership in Rock Hill at about 1:45 a.m. Friday. Officers say the woman was standing by two tires and the man was in a fenced-in area of the Honda Dealership.

According to the police report, Tyler Chandler told police he and his fiancé, Brittany Burns, were at the dealership to get tires to sell on Facebook.

“Chandler stated he needed money to renew his driver’s license and that he goes to other businesses to get used tires to sell,” the police report stated.

Chandler told police he did not speak with anyone from the business to take the tires. He said he removed 13 tires and threw them over the fence. He told police he planned to sell them for $5 to $10 on Facebook, depending on the condition of the tire.

Burns told police they usually get tires from businesses, but she though Chandler had permission from most other businesses.

The estimated value of the 13 tires is $130, according to police. 

Both suspects were arrested and charged with petty larceny. 

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