Molly's Kids: 5-day old Remi Ross. Her family wants you to know her and CDH

(Credit: Family)
(Credit: Family)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Remi Ross is five-days-old. Her family is desperate, they say, to share her story and spread the word about their new little girl.

Remi is from Alexander County and was born with a birth defect called CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia). This means her stomach and intestines are in her chest cavity. It's a critical situation that occurs when the diaphragm fails to close all the way, leaving a space for other organs to move into the chest area.

Remi's little heart is pushed to the right side of the chest and has prevented her lungs from developing normally.

Every CDH baby has a different chance of survival. It can be 50/50, Natasha Ross said, who is Remi's mom.

"We are guessing based on the skill of our doctors that we have a 70 percent chance of survival," Natasha said. "We're working with a specialized team at Levine Children's Hospital. We have faith our little girl will fight hard and we can take her home."

Natasha, her husband Chase and their son Cade are staying at the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte near the children's hospital. Remi is in the neonatal intensive care unit right now, connected to a breathing tube, feeding tube and IVs. She is scheduled for surgery Friday morning.

"We aren't giving up," Natasha said. "We're taking it all in, working directly with everyone. We're also reaching out to other CDH families around the nation."

CDH happens to one in every 2,500 births every year, with 1,600 of those cases being in the U.S.

Natasha and Chase said they're leaning on an ever-growing network of support from their hometown of Bethlehem, and through social media.

They started Remi's CDH Journey Facebook page and want their daughter's story to be shared. Also, because she's awesome.

Lyndsi Sigmon, who started a foundation in memory of her son who was another one of our #MollysKids, reached out to me upon hearing about Remi. She wants her Hearts and Hope Foundation, Inc. to Remi's family. I'm going to connect them. We'll see where it goes.

"Our doctors talk with us using grace and compassion," Natasha said. "We are hopeful. We ask everyone to please keep our little family, especially our baby girl, in your thoughts. We don't know how long she will stay in the hospital, but we'll be beside her every step of the way."


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