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Allegations arise claiming failing CMS students are still receiving HS diploma


One person, who doesn't want to be identified, claims there are some Charlotte-Mecklenburg School (CMS) students who didn't earn their high school diplomas.  The person fears retaliation from the district, but wants to share what they have witnessed.

The individual claims this is happening at the district's recovery centers where students are allegedly failing and are still receiving a high school diploma.

"I wouldn't be standing here giving this information if I didn't know for certain," the person said. "I know for a fact."

Recovery centers are spots where students who are falling behind can go to catch up on their classes.  The person alleges that students who fail at the recovery centers are still able to graduate from high school.

"They complete six classes in three days, and are able to graduate and receive a diploma," the person said. "It's unfair that students get inside of a credit recovery and pass within two days and get their diploma."

Thelma Byers-Bailey, who is a school board member, has heard about these allegations and has reached out to CMS to further investigate.  Byers-Bailey says she has heard about these claims at other schools as well, but calls allegations coming from one particular school troubling.

The person believes this type of behavior is happening all in an effort to help struggling schools.  "If the graduation rates are up, it will help the school look better," the person says. 

WBTV was also told that CMS teachers coax students in those recovery centers during test time so they can get the right answers.

"They just keep asking for information to help them get 100 percent," the person said. "And then they are being graduated from there." 

CMS is responding to these accusations.  The district wants that person to inform school principals of what is going on so an audit can be done.

The person hopes an audit is done so things can change when it comes to earning a CMS high school diploma.

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