Kids set up lemonade stand to raise their own money for school supplies

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - 'Kids these days' is a phrase often spoken with a sigh and accompanied with eye rolls, but these particular kids on this particular day, make the world proud.

A group of about eight kids who live on Amanda Lane in Rock Hill decided they'd like to raise their own money for school supplies instead of asking their parents to foot the bill.

So, with the help of their neighbor, Tabetha, they set up a stand and squeezed enough lemons to hydrate an army.

"Most kids our age are depending on other people to get stuff we want. We need to take charge and go out and get it ourselves," said 12-year-old Jaylen.

At first, their efforts were thwarted by cars who drove right on by leaving nothing but a breeze in their wake.

But one-by-one, cars started stopping and buying the icy-cold cups of the sweet summer treat.

"Now we can say, 'Look, Mom or look, Dad, you don't have to get me my school supplies because now I have my own money for it," 8-year-old Zion said.

The effort taught two lessons, good lemonade sells better on a hot day, and hard work brings results.

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