Huntersville woman starts kindness group using painted rocks

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - The trend is popping up all over the country - people gathering flat rocks and painting them with messages of inspiration and leaving them for others to find.

Groups all over the Charlotte area are spreading positivity using these painted rocks. We met with a Huntersville woman who told us why she started a group there.

"With all the negativity in the world and everybody so disconnected," Stacy Kendrick said, "I just feel like we need to bring it back and say 'hello.'"

Kendrick started the group "Kindness Rocks in Huntersville" to get people in that area motivated to help inspire others. So far, the group has more than 70 members. Many of those have already hand-painted rocks and left them in well-traveled areas of town.

Messages like "Be the change," "You are important," and "Smile" adorn rocks that have been left on greenway trails, parking lots, and even the town police station.

"It makes me feel good to think that I can put a smile on someone's face. And knowing that the community is getting together and having fun and getting away from all the ugliness in the world," Kendrick said.

It's a small gesture. One that might not change the world, but if you're ever in need of encouragement and find yourself picking up a rock, then you'll likely realize just how special this effort is, and hopefully smile.

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